Principal’s Desk


Bro. Joy Theckanath, Principal

"Ignoring opportunity is ignoring prosperity "

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The teacher was totally absorbed in teaching in a class. He noticed however that some of the students were constantly looking out of the window. At first the teacher thought it was childish curiosity. But the disturbance continued for a long time, the teacher went and looked through the window. He was shocked to see a nine year old boy, shabbily dressed, shivering with cold, standing near the window. The teacher shouted at him for disturbing the class. The poor boy was in tears.

“I have done nothing wrong sir”, he said. “I was just here to listen to your lessons and learn something before going to the store; but if you don’t want me here, I won’t come back”. “Why don’t you come to school?”

“Because my father cannot afford to pay the fee”, he sobbed. “Well, then, let me see whether you are serious, can you tell me what I taught yesterday”. The boy remembered everything, and the astonished teacher agreed to take the boy into his class without any payments. The boy made such progress that at the end of the year the teacher was amazed at his performance. The poor boy later became a great scholar and an outstanding Italian writer Ludovico Antonio Muratori.

Dear God,

Why did you choose us out of so many thousands to be educators?

I do hope that I will succeed, with your blessing and by your grace in this awesome but delightful, serious but fun filled, responsible, yet, refreshing process of MAN MAKING.

Bro. Joy Theckanath,